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Iluka Pre-School was formed by a Community Committee in 1986


  • Pre School was held at the Community Hall until in 1991 new premises were completed in Micalo Street. The community raised $50,000 to build the new school.

  • Without the determined effort of those people from previous committees the Iluka Pre School would not be a reality today.


Today the Iluka Pre School is still a community run organization employing dedicated and motivated staff to provide quality education and care to preschool age children.


Each year a group of parents has the responsibility of forming both a Management Committee and Fundraising Committee, responsible for the overall management of the Centre and the raising of money respectively.


The Iluka Pre School comes under the direction of the Department of Education & Communities (DEC).  Their main function is being to regulate the standard of care and safety in preschools and to determine the level of funding.


Today the Iluka preschool continues to grow in strength and we now open 4 days a week.  We have made some amazing changes to our preschool in the last 18months we now have a cubby house, vegetable garden, stage, new cover on our bike track and new murals.


Your interest and involvement in the preschool will ensure the continuing high standard of education and care available to our Community.

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