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8.00 am       Arrive & Unpack Bags – Parents sign in & assist children.

                    Outside Play a variety of gross motor activities, climbing, craft, building, sand & water play, cooking and                        gardening, painting etc


10.00am      Transition to Group time/Lunch –     

                    at tables or on mats.

                    Group songs/stories/etc


At a later date we will introduce transitional lunches Between 9.45 and 12.00pm child can eat when they are hungry at the tables


12.30pm     Start to pack up veranda place play items in front of one half of sliding door do not cover both doors. Start                     to pack up some of the outside play. (Please we need communication between staff who is doing what)


1.00pm        Transition to Last Lunch- Children to help pack away

                    Obstacle course Transition time - singing songs, following directions, games to go to bathroom


1.15pm       LUNCH – at tables or on mats/picnic


1.30 pm       Quiet activity time inside/outside and also small group activities eg music, games, story etc


2.30pm        Start to pack up inside with children Games/ music


3.30pm       HOME TIME – Parent/Carer pick children up at 3.25pm.


Play is Learning - Educators work with you in order to get to know your child well.   We will create a learning program that builds on your child’s interests and abilities and keep you in touch with your child’s progress.


   AND           HAVING             FUN


   These times are guides we are very flexible and change when needed


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