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What to bring...

Each day please bring for your child:


  • Enough food in their lunch box for the two lunches (wholesome food)


  • A complete change of spare clothes


  • A suitably sized case or bag to hold belongings


  • A hat with a 3cm brim all the way round


  • Suitable footwear


Please make sure your child’s name is clearly labelled on all items.



What to do when you arrive...


Children must be accompanied into the preschool by an adult (someone over the age of 18 years).

To establish a good routine, we ask you to help your child with the following




  • Arrive with your child.


  • Sign your child in on the tablet.​


  • Support your child to develop their independence skills: by the children putting their lunch in the fridge, drink bottles on the table, bags in the locker and wash their hands/ drying them.


  • Apply sunscreen or insect repellent either at home or at the centre.


  • Allow your child to enter into free play or a morning activity or take your child to an educator.


  • It is important that you remember to sign your child in and out each day.



Settling your Child into the Centre...


Children all react differently settling into a new environment and being away from their families, and we encourage you to remain with your child for as long as you feel is necessary to ensure your child’s wellbeing. It is normal for a child to be hesitant the first few times they are left in a new situation.


A nice way to introduce your child is to bring them in for visits prior to beginning as a way to familiarise themselves with the new environment and to meet the staff.


A comfort toy or item belonging to you for your child to look after is good settling technique.


It is important to say goodbye to your child when you are leaving even if your child becomes upset, to establish trust that you will not disappear and to reassure them of your return.  Be sure to let the staff know of your intention to leave, so they can support your child, through the separation process.


Our front gate has become a special place to say goodbye for a loving farewell routine for your child.


Please telephone the centre during the day for reassurance that your child has settled.  Be aware some children settle quickly and others take longer. The staff will assess your child’s emotional needs and discuss this with you.  Regular attendance helps a child to settle.


Dropping Off and Collecting Children

Our primary concern is the welfare and safety of your child.  We therefore request that you follow the appropriate guidelines.


Authorised Persons...


The preschools primary concern is for the safety and welfare of your child and will therefore only release your child into the care of the custodial parents or authorised persons identified on your child’s enrolment form.  Any changes to these authorities must be advised in writing to the Preschool as soon as possible.  If you have arranged for someone else to collect your child, you must inform a staff member and record the person’s name on the Attendance Sheet.  You will appreciate that the preschool cannot release your child to a stranger or non-custodial parent unless previously agreed in writing. You must ensure your child’s collection from the preschool is reliably organised, as uncertainties and irregularities can cause anxiety for your child and the Preschool. In a custody situation we require a Court Order if one parent is to have no rights to collect the child.


What to do when you collect...




  • Arrive to collect your child.


  • Your child will wait inside or outside with staff until you arrive and then they will come to greet you.


  • Collect your child’s belongings from their locker.


  • Check the communication for any new messages.


  • Sign your child out on the tablet.


  • Children must be collected promptly at the end of each session at 3.30pm.  Once you have signed your child out, you are responsible for their supervision – staff require this time for tidying up and to meet for reflective programming.​


As you depart, please keep in mind that your child will be tired from a long day of play and fun.



Late Collections...


If you are unavoidably detained and unable to collect your child at the agreed time you must telephone the centre and advise of your expected time of arrival.


A late fee of $5 per 15 minute block will be imposed for lateness.  Of course, if there is a reasonable excuse and you telephone before 3.30pm or a real emergency has occurred then the late fee won’t be incurred.


If you have not contacted the centre and your child has not been collected 15 minutes after the agreed collection time the preschool will attempt to telephone you, or if this is not successful the emergency contact people listed on your child’s enrolment form, to arrange for their immediate collection.  If no one can be contacted and your child has not been collect 45 minutes after the centre’s normal closing time the Department of Community Services and the local Police Station will be contacted and asked to take responsibility for your child.


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