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The Nominated Supervisor/Director:                                         Your Child’s Educational Leader is:  

Leanne White – Monday to Thursday                                        Michelle Call – Monday to Friday


Michelle Call - Monday to Friday                                                Cleaners:  

Michelle Allen –   Tuesday to Friday                                           Liz Shield       

Connie Ellis - Thursday & Friday                                                Sue Arden

Rebecca Baker - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday                                                                                        Sue Fogarty - Monday & Wednesday

Administration - Skye Poore


Leanne White-Nominated Supervisor/Teacher

Well hello my name is Leanne. I have a Bachelor in Teaching (Early Childhood). I have worked at Iluka Preschool since July 2006. Previous to this I worked in Early Childhood Intervention for children with additional needs 0-6 years for 23 years & 2 years as the Director of a Long Day Care Centre.

I believe that children are unique, valued and powerful human beings and that play is an essential in the lives of young children.  Also that each person and their families values, culture, beliefs, abilities and language should be acknowledged and accepted and reflected in the preschools environment.

Michelle Call - Educational Leader

My name is Michelle and I am the Educational Leader and Early Childhood Teacher at Iluka Preschool. I have a Bachelor of Education (Birth to Five Years) and have 20 years’ experience working in the early childhood sector with children ranging from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. My background includes working in a long day care setting where I worked in multiple roles including as an Educator, Teacher, Assistant and Centre Director and Educational Leader. I was born and have grown up in Grafton my entire life and it is where I still reside; however my family has a long connection with Iluka. I have spent a lot of my time in Iluka and I hope to move here in the near future. 

I am passionate about early learning and believe that the first five years in a child’s life are the most important and set them up for ongoing success with learning and development. My teaching philosophy is based on a belief that relationships are fundamental and that children learn best in an environment where they feel safe, secure and supported. These relationships are just as important with our families and wider community as well. I also believe that the early years should be a time of fun for children, filled with happiness and play, and that children learn best when involved in play that interests them. I love my role as an early childhood teacher and the opportunities it gives me to support families and children during this important stage of their lives.


Michelle Allen-Educators Assistant Day to Day Charge


Hello my name is Michelle,  also known as shell. 


I have just relocated to this beautiful area of the Clarence valley, to Maclean. I am a northern rivers local, growing up around Lismore, and Iluka has always held a special part of my childhood memories. I am a diploma qualified Educator and I have over 10 years’ experience working in various roles including additional needs caring and educating for young children in Australia and in London. 


I believe in children’s rights, inclusion for all children, and building a relationship with families and the child best benefit’s the child to feel safe, secure and supported. I believe children learn best through play and what they are interested in which supports the learning process in each individual child. 


I love working with children because I love being a part of their development and early educational journey. I enjoy Getting to know each individual child and am able to support them to build on their strengths. I aim to  Inspire and encourage children to become the person they are meant to be and to support them to reach their full potential.     Shell :) 


Rebecca Baker-Educators Assistant


Hi, my name is Rebecca (Bec for short).

I'm a local to the area having lived in Woombah most my life, & here's a fun little fact about me; I actually attended here at Iluka Preschool when I was little! And I've always enjoyed being part of this wonderful little community we have here in the Clarence Valley.

I have my Certificate III in Childcare, & have always maintained a passion for educating & encouraging young children to develop socially, emotionally, & intellectually. It's an extremely rewarding job to be part of children's development & to be part of the process of getting them ready for the next stage - school!

I always strive to be a positive influence & set a good example for children, as I have two children of my own, & being a mum has really highlighted & reinforced the importance of leading by example.

12th Feb 2021 (18).JPG

Connie Ellis-Educators Assistant


Hi, my name is Shih-yu Yeh but in Australia I am also known as Connie.

I am a Taiwanese Australian so i can speak in both English, Mandarin and Taiwanese languages.

I have a certificate 3 in early childhood education.

My three young children Kayla, Meesha and Byron attend primary school in Maclean.

I love working with children and enjoy helping them learn through play.

I really value the new learning experiences we have each day with our little friends at preschool 

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Skye Poore - Administration

Hello, my name is Skye Poore or Ava and Mya’s mum.

I am the administrator and work Wednesday’s 9am to 3pm.

If you have any questions please pop in or stop and say hi!

I’ve been in Iluka for nearly 12 years and my older children also attended this preschool.


It’s always a pleasure to come in and see all the children and listening to them enjoying their day here!

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