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We welcome families to have input into the running of the centre and are always looking for ways to improve the service that we offer you. If something is worrying you, others may also be feeling the same way. Unless we receive the feedback we are unable to fix any problems that may arise.  We strive to provide excellence in education and care and maintain the high standard that families have the right to expect.


You may be asked for feedback during Re-Licensing or when the Centre is going through the Accreditation process this could be through evaluations etc.


During the year the centre organises some informal social functions for families and staff so you can get to know other families at the centre.  You are encouraged to attend these functions or find out a little more about the centre and to establish friendships with other families that your child will meet at the centre.

Parents/families are our biggest support.  Their encouragement and assistance, in whatever way, is invaluable.  We are happy for people to come into the centre and share their knowledge and skills with the children.  If you would like to read, cook, sing or dance with children come along and join the fun.  If your family is from a different culture we would love to learn about it.


You can be involved by explaining your child’s personality, stages of development and likes and dislikes to the educators.  Even though a parent’s life is very busy, we would appreciate a few minutes every morning and evening as you bring and collect your child to talk about how he/she is progressing.  Tell the educators the little things they need to know e.g. changes in sleeping patterns and development you observe, the cold your child appears to be contracting or how an activity was enjoyed.


To give the children the best opportunity for development, educators and parents work hand-in-hand.  We want children to gain the best that is possible from our centre, so please do keep in touch and discuss your joy, problems, concerns and feeling with the staff.



Parent Information Session"

We may conduct a number of Parent Information Sessions throughout the year. 

The two common ones are:


  • Orientation Information Session is held to give parents an opportunity to meet with the teachers and learn more about our Preschool.


  • School Readiness Information Session/Meeting are held in approximately 3rd Term of the year and provides parents a better understanding of whether they think their child is ready for school or not.



Parent Resource Library

We have a small but effective Parent Library located in the Family/Staff room.  Parents will find take home brochures about nutrition, immunisation, health etc.   Book/CD’s/Videos are also available for loan which cover similar topics and include information which will help parents and children prepare for school life.


Parent Involvement

The role of the parent...


Iluka is a community run preschool that cannot exist without parental involvement.  Parents are asked to consider that, when enrolling your child in Iluka you are also committing your time and energy to running our preschool.  It is vital that parents fulfil their obligations throughout the year so staff can focus on providing a safe and stimulating environment for the enjoyment and education of the children.  Parent and Community involvement with shared energy is what keeps Iluka Preschool sailing.




Should you wish to enrol your child you will need to know the following enrolment protocols and procedures.


You will be asked to complete an enrolment form containing information regarding your child’s health, development, custody arrangements and emergency contacts.  You will need to name all persons who may collect your child from the Centre.  These persons must be over18 years of age.  It is your responsibility to ensure your nominated people are responsible and available when required.


The details required on the enrolment form are needed by our staff to help them take the best possible education and care of you child.  It is also a Licensing Requirement.  All information is strictly confidential.  If any of the details on the enrolment form change, you are asked to advise the Director immediately.


At the time of enrolment you will asked to pay 2 weeks in advance and a non-refundable $35.00 Registration fee.  You are required to fully disclose any medical or health concerns relating to your child.



Priority of Access


The Commonwealth Government has set specific priorities of access to education and care services.


The Commonwealth Government requires the centre to provide access to the service according to the following priority of access.  This means that when the centre is full those families who are third priority may be asked to alter their care arrangement to allow a family with higher priority to access the service.


  • Children who are at risk of harm


  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children


  • Children from low income families


  • Children from culturally and linguistically diverse


  • Children with disabilities


  • Children in their year before school (with highest priority given to children closest to school entry)

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